Battery snap central

Battery usage reports of Android phones : known devices for brand Motorola

Model Name Devices count
Moto G4 Plus None 2
XT1635-02 None 3
Moto C Plus Moto C Plus 4
Moto E (4) Moto E (4) 2
XT1033 Moto G (1st Gen) 1
Moto G (5) Plus Moto G (5) Plus 6
Moto G (5S) Plus Moto G (5S) Plus 2
Moto G (5) Moto G (5th Gen) 2
XT1032 Moto G Google Play edition 2
MotoG3-TE Moto G Turbo Edition 1
XT1039 Moto G with 4G LTE (1st Gen) 1
Moto G (4) Moto G(4) Plus 4
Moto G Play Moto G4 Play 2
XT1225 Moto Turbo 2
moto x4 Moto X (4) 1
Moto Z (2) Moto Z (2) Force 5
Moto Z2 Play Moto Z (2) Play 5
XT1650 Moto Z Droid 2
moto z3 Moto Z(3) 1
moto g(6) (XT1925DL) moto g(6) 1
moto g(6) play moto g(6) play 3
moto g(6) plus moto g(6) plus 2
moto g(7) moto g(7) 1
motorola one power motorola one power 1